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Specialist in all types of Land, Woodland & Commercial Forestry Sales

The land and forestry market in the UK and Ireland continues to enjoy significant interest. However, despite this and rising values, there is still a lack of supply of land, woodland and commercial forests available for sale in the open market to satisfy the demand. 


Commercial forestry of all stages of growth and species, including felled land awaiting replanting, is sought after in all regions of the country. This includes mixed and native woodland that may have significant amenity, habitat and sporting value.


Demand for agricultural land suitable for tree planting and carbon sequestration projects is rapidly increasing across the country. This is pushing marginal land values well beyond agricultural values on some land types. However, despite this market demand, landowners still seem reluctant to sell land openly in the market, favouring off market sales that more often fail to realise the true market value of their land.

If you have any land that you are considering selling, please get in contact to discuss the various options available to realise the full potential value of your land.

Upland Habitats

Climate change is now a reality which is starting to be tackled by various government agencies and private industry with the aim of utilising all effective means of carbon reduction. Understandably the focus of attention is on woodland creation and on degraded habitat types, such as Peatland and over grazed hill ground, where carbon reduction and sequestration rates can be improved. Investment in these projects is starting to add new value to land that traditionally would have only been valued for its grazing and sporting value.

There is now the opportunity to secure funding for habitat improvement projects and for landowners to manage and utilise their land more effectively to help towards acheiving net zero targets.



Marketing Appraisals

It is important to get the right advice when marketing your land or woodland in order for you to realise the maximum return from its sale. Having been involved in the successful marketing and sale of over half a billion (£) of forestry and land assets over the past 25 years, I have experience, contacts and a good understanding of the market to assist both the private and public sector with the marketing of land and forest assets with the aim of achieving the best sale value.

Landfor can provide you with an impartial and independent marketing appraisal which will set out the options for marketing your property, based on current market values and trends. Setting out expectations on value, methods of marketing and timescales. This can also be in the form of a RICS Red Book Valuation, if required, and can include an apportionment of the land and crop value for tax purposes.

This can all be carried out discreetly, in confidence and with no obligation to sell. If you are also looking for a general update on the market please get in contact with Patrick Porteous and to view the current range of properties for sale click to the next page ...