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Foggermountain Wood


Central Scotland, Scotland


42.91 Hectares / 106.03 Acres




Offers over £425,000



  • A diverse mixed commercial conifer and broadleaved woodland with two man made lochs, native broadleaves and some bare land potentially suitable for development or woodland creation.
  • The sporting rights are also included with freehold ownership to be enjoyed in this attractive and very accessible property.


Foggermountain Wood is situated to the north of the village of Avonbridge, near Falkirk in Central Scotland and approximately halfway between Glasgow and Edinburgh with good transport links to both cities. The surrounding land use is mainly agricultural with scattered woodland between the various villages that appeal to commuters. To locate the property the nearest postcode is FK1 2NA and please refer to the location and sale plans to locate Avonbridge.


The property extends to an area of 42.91 hectares/106.03 acres of mixed conifer, native broadleaves and some bare land, suitable for woodland creation. The woodland was established on part of a former open cast mining site which was restored during the 1980’s, leaving two small lochs discreetly located in the northern half of the woodland.

Planting took place with mainly Sitka spruce, planted as a pure crop or in mixture with Scots pine, Larch and Lodgepole pine. In some areas the Sitka spruce has now achieved Yield Class 18 and felling of the more mature areas could be anticipated within the next 5 years, providing timber revenue and an excellent opportunity to redesign the woodland.

The two lochs are a highly attractive feature of the mixed woodland and create a wonderful habitat for wildlife with potential for fishing. There are also some diverse areas of mixed native broadleaves (mainly Alder, Birch and Willow) scattered throughout the woodland and a larger area can be found in the northeast corner of the property. Two sections of grassland are included in the title, as shown on the sale plan shaded yellow and extend to approximately 2.76 hectares/6.81 acres. These are included in the title.

The property also includes an area of rough grassland and mixed broadleaved woodland that extends over an area of 2.08 hectares/5.13 acres, located next to the entrance, which adjoins the commercial woodland and the northern periphery of the village. It benefits from having an uninterrupted view to the south and could potentially be suitable for residential or commercial development, subject to planning permission. Alternatively, the land would also be suitable for new woodland creation.

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