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Earlsburn Forest


Central Scotland, Scotland


115.00 Hectares / 284.16 Acres




Offers over £1,100,000



  • Mid rotation commercial investment opportunity
  • Central location with good access to timber markets
  • Wind energy potential
  • Sporting rights include Red and Roe deer stalking


Earlsburn Forest is situated 5.5 miles southwest of Stirling in the Touch Hills within central Scotland. The forest adjoins two commercial forests, known as Kings Yett and Touchadam Muir that form a substantial forest complex adjacent to the Earlsburn Reservoir and east of the Earlsburn Wind Farm. Although located in a rural area the forest is close to Stirling and within easy reach of Glasgow and Edinburgh.

To locate the property please refer to the location and sale plans and the nearest Postcode is FK7 9QA, just east of the shared forest entrance.


Earlsburn was planted in 1988 on former hill ground sitting at an elevation of 360 – 418 metres above sea level with Sitka spruce and Lodgepole pine planted in a self-thinning intimate mixture. The Sitka spruce is now dominating the Lodgepole pine in most areas and Sitka spruce is expected to be the final crop species.

The forest overlooks Earlsburn Reservoir and across to the Earlsburn Wind Farm to the west and benefits from having a good network of open rides meandering through the forest that link with open glades creating windfirm compartments. Drainage and fire break maintenance work took place in 2018 and 2020 to improve the forest drainage which will improve growth and help the future stability of this mid rotation crop.  

Going forward Earlsburn will provide a significant volume of growing timber for an investor with the potential for an extension of the Earlsburn wind farm to be developed which could benefit the forest owner.

Please refer to the Sale Brochure and view the short film for further information.

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