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Forestry & Land Consultancy

With over 25 years of forestry and land management experience, Landfor has been set up to provide specialist independent advice on all aspects of the forest and land industry.

Forest & Land Valuations

I have provided commercial forestry and land valuation advice for many years and have worked with many RICS Registered Valuers to provide RICS Red Book Valuations on request. It is vital that the chosen valuer has sufficient experience in valuing commercial forestry assets, therefore, I can recommend and work with suitable valuers that will acheive your objectives and follow the specific requirements of a Red Book Valuation. This may also require an apportionment of land and crop values for tax purposes, especially following the sale of a forest.



Asset Management Advice

Forest Management has become quite complex with more bureaucracy and complicated grant funding processes. It is important to obtain good advice, especially when considering any major capital investment or if planning to harvest your timber.

Whilst you may already have a forest manager, it can be useful for all involved to have an independent and impartial review of your plans to consider the best approach to achieving your objectives. It can also be beneficial for your manager to have independent backup and to introduce some alternative thinking to identify opportunities to improve the management of your asset.

This could involve outsourcing for specialist services and advice on specific projects that require planning, surveys, and applications for new afforestation schemes, Environmental Impact Assessment Surveys or developing access infrastructure for timber harvesting in order for you to realise the full value of your timber crop.

Timber Marketing Advice

It takes a while for a timber crop to mature and when it is ready for felling it is vital that you realise the full potential of your timber crop. You have one opportunity to market this timber to achieve best price and so it is important to consider what is happening in the wider timber market and not just locally.

For example, the effect of the (£) Sterling exchange rate influences home grown timber values, as well as availability of timber supplies, and demand for the end use of the processed wood products that ultimately sets the standing timber price within your forest. So, it is critical to choose the right method of marketing for your timber crop and to get the timing right.

If you feel you could benefit from an independent and impartial review of the way your forest asset is being managed or advice on marketing your timber crop, please get in contact to discuss your options with no obligation.